Getting the best effects of relaxation from a restored hot tub

The biggest hurdle to buying a spa is often the price. Contrary to what one might think, it is possible to buy a used spa. Here are our tips on how to buy a spa cheaply thanks to secondhand.

Buying a used spa

The purchase of a used spa is part of an ecological trend, in fact, rather than throwing away your spa, it is better to resell it. A well-maintained spa can remain usable for many years. used hot tubs for sale are usually portable spas that are easy to install and move. Before buying a used hot tub, it is important to pay particular attention to the spa's features:

- The age of the spa: this variable is especially important for the availability of spare parts. The older the spa, the less likely it is that you will be able to easily find spare parts, but it will be cheaper.

- The spa cabinet is important for the appearance of the spa and its insulation. Depending on the material of which the cover is made, it will be more or less fragile.

The most important part

The spa shell is very difficult to repair, So make sure it is in good condition and does not leak. Small blisters may appear on the shell after several years of use. Most of the time they are harmless. You can check the condition of the blisters by pressing on them. Do not buy a spa with soft blisters that burst.

Also, check the condition and capacity of the spa's pumps. Be aware that the pumps may need to be replaced with an equivalent model. The control system is probably one of the most expensive parts of the spa.

Eventually, look at the condition of the spa cover. However, this is an item that you will most likely need to replace. Deteriorated parts of the used spa will need to be replaced, which will add an extra cost to the price of the spa.

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