Why invest in a spa pool?

Balneotherapy encompasses various treatments and treatments that take place in the water to relax and relieve joint or muscle pain. And, good news, it is now possible to enjoy it at home. Find out why it pays to invest in a spa tub.

What is a balneotherapy pool?

A spa pool is a swimming pool that contains jets of water and nozzles to make swirls. Balneotherapy is based mainly on whirlpools. Concretely, in a classic swimming pool, air or water must be added to obtain massages. Depending on the type of pump, the intensities can be varied.

How do you install a balneotherapy pool?

It is possible to add balneotherapy to an already installed swimming pool. It really involves installing a pump, blower and nozzles to create the hot tub. These pieces are attached to the pool stairs or to the walls. It is of course ideal to have this installation in mind when you have the swimming pool installed. You can organize a spa area in the pool.

To enjoy real balneotherapy, the water must be close to 34 °. A temperature not necessarily easy to reach. You can therefore also install a system to heat the water, such as a swimming pool heat pump.

An interest in joints and muscles

With such an installation, you benefit from balneotherapy at home and therefore possible at any time as you wish. You can do gentle muscle and joint work to develop your abilities without pain.

In the water, you gain ease and fluidity, since you are carried. The stress on the joints is reduced and allows for gentle physical activity, ideal for joint problems or injuries.

Gain in comfort

Balneotherapy has effects on blood circulation and helps fight against heavy legs in particular. It also improves digestion, facilitates the elimination of toxins, limits headaches and maintains the cardiovascular system. Finally, hot water allows true relaxation.

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